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ZA English UV Academy

1, It is the only ESL school that offers special courses

ZA English UV Academy is affiliated in University of Visayas. In addition to ESL general course and specialize courses such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS. We provide program that students have the opportunity to attend university’s sit-in program together with the students from UV university. We also offer internship program. We can issue certificate from university for students who stay more than 4weeks.

We offer English not only for daily conversation but a variety of courses as well

In ZA English, students come from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. We provide business course that is useful in business situation. We also have a special program that allow students to take university classes and have their internship in various companies which is accredited with ZA English.

We can issue Certificate from the University.

Certificate from University of Visayas

We are capable to issue certificate from University of Visayas which is famous among the universities in the Philippines and even abroad especially in Asia. It is issued for students who stay more than 4weeks.

2. Teachers are well knowledgeable and know how to prioritize students needs to tailor fit their discussion.

ZA English has plenty of high standard teachers who are experts in teaching in English language as well as specialized classes. They are passionate enough to teach students at different level. ZA English, we are proud to say. Most of our teachers have been working with us for a long time. This creates a good working relationship between the teachers and Menagement. They consider themselves as a family. Moreover, despite the strict policies that ZA English implemented to teachers during their vacant time. they still enjoy the trainings.

Q. How can I distinguish the best school having a high quality education?

A. We could not deny the fact that there is a variety of ESL schools in Cebu as of the moment. It has been a trend to study abroad during summer especially in Cebu. Because of the demand of students to study abroad. There is a possibility that some ESL schools hire teachers who are less experienced during peak season.

3. Tidy and clean accommodation which allows students to live in a comfortable environment condusive for learning.

ZA English UV Academy is affiliated with University of Visayas which allows all students to use their facilities such as library and cafeteria. We are located inside the medical campus that is accessible during emergency situation. Moreover we have a nurse that can cater students needs regarding health.

Conducive for learning and a pleasant ambiance

ZA English UV Academy, we are responsible for students needs. Especially with their accommodation. For example, it is common that we are not allowed to flush the paper in the toilet but throw it into the trash bin. It is stressful for students. In ZA English UV Academy, we are happy to say that students can flush their toilet paper in the bowl. Besides having a stress free way of throwing toilet paper. Students have laundry and house keeping service twice a week.

  • ex. Single room
  • ex. Triple room
  • ex. Quadruple room
  • Roof top area
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Hospitable staffs that result to having a comfortable living environment

All rooms installed bide function

Our school has installed bide function for all rooms. Then students can flush the toilet paper in the bowl. Our motto is “Make students focus on thier studies without having any problems.” This is vital part to make your stay perfect.

Cleaning and laundry service happen twice a week

Schools in Cebu have the tendency to send their clothes in the laundry shop. In ZA English UV Academy, our dormitory staffs are responsible to do the washing and housekeeping. Students can enjoy the service and be able to get their clothes washed, it is only one day process.


There are variety of course that ZA English offer such as specialize course, Business, University sit-in, Internship and so on. Minimum cost is $1,120.

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