> TOEIC Guarantee Course



  • Age:Above 18 years old
  • Level:TOEIC300 score
  • Duration:12weeks(any week is available to enroll)
  • 結業證書:就讀並結束 4週以上的課程。
    以上需要沒有一次警告及參加每月的Level Test
  • 推薦給這樣的人


  • If you’re not sure of your TOEIC score, it is recommended to take official TOEIC exam in advance. *Registration for that is not covered.
  • Students have to take the entrance test( TOEIC ) in ZA.

    Your level is based on this score, likewise your last result will be based on  final exam even if you originally have better official TOEIC score.

  • If you need certification of official TOEIC score at the end, you must enroll considering the date of the official TOEIC exam.

  • 在沒到達保證點數的時候:能在2個下列中間選擇學生
  1. 能延長最大12個星期
  2. 在延長不可能的時候,把4個星期的學費還給





  • 進行模擬考試,為了適應正式表演練習。
  • 把重點放在效率好解除問題的方法上,進行上課。
  • Last Thursday of each month: TOEIC Monthly Test
  • 超過95%的上課出席(含有模擬測驗)


1:1 5 Classes

  • Learn how to answer TOEIC while discussing with the teaches.
  • Pronunciation Accent Connection of sounds, etc. Learn the skills to improve your listening skills.

Group 4 Classes

  • Two of the group classes are TOEIC simulation test.
  • Listening involves answering problems in the workbook on the first day and explaining it the next day.
  • Reading uses the first day and half of the next day to answer problems and then explain it
  • The remaining 2 classes will teach grammar and vocabulary
  • Both of them focus on the contents that are frequently asked in TOEIC and incorporate practice that leads the answer from context dues.

Self-study (two hours)

  • 平日(至少3日)星期一、星期二、星期四的從19:00到21:00的2小時的自習是必須的
  • 在在課上被給與的功課的其他,托業的練習題也被用補充拿出。請一定在第二天早晨提交

Guaranteed score

Start score Guaranteed score
over300 500
over400 600
over500 700
over600 750
over700 850
over800 900

Price list

RoomType 12weeks(Tuition Fee + Dormitory Fee)
Single $5,500
Twin $5,140
Triple $4,750
Quadruple $4,390