> TOEIC Guaranteed Course



  • Study period: 12 weeks (Openings are held weekly)

  • Entrance qualifications: 18 years old/ TOEIC score of  at least 300

  • Starting dates: Every Monday (Orientation and Entrance test on Monday)

  • CertificateWe are capable of issuing a certificate from the University of the Visayas, one of the famous universities in the Philippines and even abroad especially in Asia. This certificate is issued for students who  study for more than 4 weeks.

  • Recommended for

    those who want to improve their business English, get a higher TOEIC test score, and/or are looking for jobs

Other provisions

  • If you do not know your TOEIC score, we recommend you take the TOEIC official test in your country before the course starts.
  • Since the guarantee course is offered every week, everyone must take an entrance test and we will use that score as the standard. Therefore, the result will be decided by the score of the graduation test. (This rule is the same for the students who have the TOEIC official score.)
  • For those who need Official TOEIC test score, set the entrance date according to the date of the official test on the site.
  • If you do not reach the guarantee point, students can select from the following two
  1. Extend up to 12 weeks
  2. Refund tuition fee for 4 weeks if extension is not possible

※Free tuition fee for extension period. (Accommodation + local expenses need to be paid when extended)

※For the purpose of achieving the guaranteed point after your extension, a mock test will be held every week.

Class Objective

  • Practice with mock test to get used to the actual test.
  • The TOEIC course is focusing on learning the best methods to answer TOEIC test questions.
  • The TOEIC Monthly Test will be held on the 4th Thursday of every month.
  • An increase of stipulated score is guaranteed for a student to achieve in 12 weeks of study.


One on one class: 5 classes (Listening, reading, speech, and pronunciation)

  • Discuss with teacher and learn methods and techniques in answering TOEIC test. Delete this sentence, same as the point above

  • Learn the skills to improve and become familiar with pronunciation, accent in listening, such as connection of sounds.

  • You will have the same teacher for all parts of TOEIC listening (parts 1 to 4) and reading (parts 5-7).

  • 50 minutes/class

Big Group Class: 4 classes

  • Two classes will be in a practice test and mock test format.

    -One class intended for Listening and one class intended for Reading.

    -On the first day, answer listening questions, and teacher will explain about it on the following day. *Class format as follows Test–Discussion, Test-Discussion with all parts of TOEIC L & R.

    -Use 1,5class to answer reading questions, and teacher will explain about it after.

  • 2 grammar and vocabulary classes. *1 TOEIC Grammar, 1 TOEIC Vocabulary

  • This class focus on the frequently questions asked on TOEIC test.

  • Practice to guide answers from context.

  • 50 minutes/class

Self-study (2 hours)

  • Weekday (minimum 3 days) 2hours of self-study on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 19: 00-21: 00
  • TOEIC exercise homework will be given in class; students are expected to submit it to the teacher by next morning
  • This self-study is monitored by the student manager.

Guaranteed score

Start score Guaranteed score
300+ 500
400+ 600
500+ 700
600+ 750
700+ 850
800+ 900