We do everything we can to support your studies.

We are the best ESL school that offers Special Courses.


We offer not only General English Courses but a variety of other courses.

In ZA English, students are from different countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. We also provide business courses.

Our Courses

A thorough educational system with professional teachers.

ZA English has plenty of professional teachers who are experts in teaching the English language. They are passionate about teaching students of different levels in English. We are proud to say that most of our teachers have long years of teaching experience at ZA Academy. We create a good work relationship between our teachers and the management. We consider ourselves a family.Despite the constant training that teachers have to go through, they enjoy their work and enjoy having a good work life balance.


Q. How can I recognize schools that provide high quality education?

A. We can’t deny the fact that there are varieties of ESL schools in Cebu island at the moment. It’s becoming a trend to study abroad during summer especially in Cebu. Because of the demand to study abroad, there is a possibility that some ESL schools hire teachers who are less experienced during peak season, but here in ZA English, we train our teachers prior to teaching so they can have the necessary skills for teaching classes.

Studying in Cebu

Suitable for learning and a pleasant ambiance.

In ZA English Academy, we are responsible for fulfilling students’ needs, especially when it comes to accommodation. Students have laundry and housekeeping services twice a week.


Tidy and clean accommodation which allows students to live in a comfortable environment suitable for learning.

It includes two swimming pools, a gym, theater room, kids room and clinic, As such, our campus enables every student to build and experience hands-on learning, academically and fun extracurricular activities.

Theater room

Theater room

Swimming pool

Swimming pool



Reliable and hospitable staff for a comfortable campus life.


Washlet (bidet) system installed in all the rooms

Our dormitory has installed a washlet (bidet) system for all the rooms to make everyone’s stay more comfortable. Our motto is “worry-free campus life where students can focus on their studies.” It is our duty to provide a comfortable stay for students.

laundry servicess

Housekeeping and laundry services twice a week

Academies in Cebu have the tendency to send their students’ laundry to laundry shops. In ZA English Academy, we have come up with the idea of providing a laundry service in our school for a stress-free stay. Housekeeping services are also available in ZA English Academy. Students rooms are cleaned on a regular basis. Students enjoy these services plus many other services such as Wifi installed in each dorm.