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Academy’s Policy

1. Class Changes

Class schedule changes are done only every Wednesday.
New arrival students must follow the schedule given to them by the Academic Director, for two weeks before they are allowed to change their schedule. The change (of classes) will be in effect the following Monday.
1.a Monthly Level Test. Monthly level tests are given every fourth Friday of the month. It is conducted after student’s 4-week of study in the Academy.

1.b Changing of Course Program. A student who wants to change program must study for 2 –weeks his/her original program and before changing to the desired specialized program (the academy offers specialized TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS). The student must commit to study with the new program for two (2) weeks. A corresponding fee is computed upon changing of the program. Computation of the fee is done in student’s country’s currency. (please see your respective student managers for this.)

2. Absences and Tardiness

4 class absences for one week (without the absence form submitted and except emergency cases like hospital admission)
· Students will receive a warning violation on absences. It will be posted on the bulletin board.
a. Class Absence Form to be submitted

· Students who are 10 minutes late are considered absent. Please follow the time in Zett A English.
· Early class dismissal (i.e. 5 minutes before the time) is not allowed.

3.Term Extension

· Term Extension is a FIRST COME and FIRST SERVE basis, depending on the availability. Term extension is computed per weekly basis.
· Course extension fee must be paid within a week after your application.
· A refund of 50% can be claimed if you wish to discontinue your extension.

4. Refund Policy is subject to change anytime without notice.

Registration fee, courses up to nine weeks, and local payment (payment made in local currency for extra expenses such as visa extension, pick up, maintenance, etc) are non- refundable
No refund when students decide to go back home due to personal circumstances such as homesick, environmental adjustment issues, or transferring to another school, etc.
No refund for downgrading, either for courses or rooms at the dormitories.
No classes are held on legal and national holidays. No refund for extra classes taken on a holiday.
In case of deaths in the immediate family, refund for the remaining term left will be calculated. However, certification from the medical team should be presented in our office for verification purposes.
Course extension fee must be paid within a week after your application. A refund of 50% can be claimed if you wish to discontinue your extension

Computation Refund
2 weeks before departure date 1 week dormitory fee deduction
25% or less of the program completed 50% of the remaining term will be refunded
50% or less of the program completed 25% of the remaining term will be refunded
More than 50% of the program completed No refund


Smoking inside dorm room php1000
Lost dormitory key php300
Lost ID Card php600


FIRST OFFENSE: Warning (The warning will be posted.)
SECOND OFFENSE: Full Offense Report to be sent to the student’s family.
Please take heed of the following rules of Zett A English.
· School’s curfew
Weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday): From 6:00 am to 11:00 pm
The day before holiday and Friday: From 6:00 am to 01:00 after midnight.
· No bringing/drinking of alcoholic beverages inside the dormitory. Written Warning will be given immediately if the Management finds bottles/cans of alcoholic beverages in a student’s room.
· Smoking is ONLY allowed in designated Smoking Areas.
· Students are not allowed to enter another student’s room of the opposite sex.
· Visiting of same sex room is not allowed after 10pm.
· No going to casino.
·Dress Code – To foster a professional, safe and respectful school environment. The dress code is in effect from the time students arrive to school and until they leave. The dress code applies to field trips, site visits, academic internships, and other school-related activities, unless the supervisor informs the students otherwise.

7. Lost and Damaged properties

Zett A English is not held responsible for any damages or loss to your belongings. Always keep an eye on them.


HOUSEKEEPING: Twice a week
LAUNDRY: Twice a week
CHANGING of Bed sheet, pillow case and floor towel: every two weeks. (Be careful of discoloration.)


– Each room has its own meter. Student must pay their monthly electricity bill every first week. Php 16.00 (sixteen pesos) per kilowatt is the academy’s computation. (P16.00/kw).
Single room: 400pesos/week
Twin room: 300pesos/week
Triple room: 200pesos/week
Quad room: 100pesos/week