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ZA English Academy OWNER Ogiyama Shinji

Warm greetings everyone!
I am Shinji Ogiyama, the president of ZA Co., Ltd which operates ZA English. Let me talk about how I came to run this academy.
In 2014, I went to Brisbane Australia for business. While I was there, I started thinking back on my English education at my school and how I’d left it unfinished. It made me want to pick English back up, so I decided to study English abroad.When choosing a school, I wanted to efficiency and effectiveness.
I heard that English schools in the Philippines, mostly located in Cebu, have good one-on-one classes than in western countries, where group lessons are more common. That is why I choose Cebu rather than a western country.
I studied three months at two schools in Cebu, and then I stayed at an English teacher’s house in Gold Coast, Australia for a month, then at a big school in Brisbane for three months. I saw a clear difference in my learning between schools that offered one-on-one classes and those that didn’t.
I have seen a lot of shy, young Japanese who stay quiet in a large group class and have difficulty improving their speaking.
That was when I became convinced that students progress faster at schools in Cebu than at western schools!Back then, I had no idea that I’d be involved in running English language schools.
However, having started a business in 1987 at 27, I naturally had ideas as to what I would do to make things better for the students and questioned why some things were as they were.
One thing happened after another, and by the summer of 2015, I had set up policies for running my own school, merging and acquiring our academy from a Korean owner in that winter.
At the same time, I was introduced to several schools including this school was convinced this had the best environment, facilities, and people, and quickly made the decision to run this school..
Now that I am owned the school, I made drastic reforms to take advantage of the things that I felt were being wasted.
This happened within a year and a half from my first study-abroad experience. I don’t think that the chain of events in this short period isn’t something normal but rather destined.
Now that I think about it, studying abroad at four places instead of one was like a preparation for running schools. I take advantage of a wide range of experiences to build schools that focus on how Japanese or foreigners who’ve been living in Japan for a long time can study English.
My reforms and improvements are open-ended.
I spend 60% of the year at the school in Cebu. I live in the dorms just like everyone else, so that I’m always ready to deal with anything that happens.
I have given complete control over curriculums, which is very important for you all, to the accomplished and amazing principal, Mr. Romy. Together, we are building the best infrastructure for your English learning. Lastly, although my ultimate goal is to study abroad and improve my English, I believe that connecting with young people from Japan and all other the world is just as important. It’s something that I wouldn’t have realized without studying abroad.
For those that are serious about their English education but also want to have fun in the process, ZA English is here to do our best. Let’s learn together!!


Academy Director Romuleto Eborda

For ten years since its inception, ZA English Academy has always been consistent in giving only the best English learning experience to foreign students. Being part of ZA English for almost a decade now, I can attest with pride to the school’s relentless pursuit for excellence, while striving to create an environment where students from diverse backgrounds can learn, get involved and have a meaningful experience.

As ZA English continues to reach new heights, we are steadfast in equipping and empowering our students with the English skills they need. Having qualified and experienced teachers in teaching English as a second language gives me the assurance and the confidence that these goals are achieved with flying colors.

Whether students learn English for work, attend academic review classes such as TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC or focus on comprehensive ESL courses simply to become better communicators, ZA English is here to help students meet and surpass their goals.