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Nowadays, it’s getting tougher to survive with this global competition. It is now necessary more than ever to learn English as it is a universal language used all over the world. ZA English Academy helps beginner students to enhance their confidence and improve to reach even an advanced level through one on one classes with highly-experienced teachers.
We meet many people who seek to focus on improving their English skills. This academy is perfect to cater to these students’ needs.  Many students such as company employees, students of distinguished universities, or senior citizens who seek to learn English properly attend classes at ZA English Academy.

Basic information

Name ZA English Academy
Foundation April,2018
Capacity 200 people
Teachers’ nationality Filipinos and a British native teacher
Staff Filipinos. Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese,Lebanese and Chinese
Facilities 1:1 classrooms / Small group classrooms/ Big group classrooms/ Study rooms / Clinic / Swimming pools / Theater room / Gym / Ping pong table
Accommodation Single rooms / Double rooms / Triple rooms / Quadruple rooms / Toilet with bidet, Hot shower, Beds, Pillows, Sheets, Desks, Chairs, Drawers, Fridge, Mirror, Laundry basket, Hangers(Needs request) ,Hair Dryer(Needs request)
Meals Three meals daily for the entire year
Services Housekeeping /Laundry: Twice a day / Changing Sheets: Once every two weeks
/ Pickup service / Free WiFi / Clinic service
Opening date Monday-entrance test and orientation
Class Monday to Friday *50 minutes per class
Suspended on holidays (We don’t offer make up and special classes.)
Activities Level test every last Thursday of the month/ Volunteer program once a month / City tour
Address Magsaysay Extension, Kasambagan,Cebu City, 6000, Philippines
TEL +63 32-384-6917
E-mail za-english@za-group.com

ZA English Academy certificates

Business permit

PERMIT NO.112524

Organized by the government as the organization to issue AAFS and SSP.

ZA English AAFS NO.RPL-2011-041

Organized by TESDA as an educated organization

Certificate of TVET Program Registration NTR NO.201307020159

Certificate of TVET Program Registration NTR NO.201307020160

Certificate of TVET Program Registration NTR NO.201307020161