> Studying abroad at ZA English Academy



ZA English Academy gives the ideal learning English School and our students can benefit from the high-quality English lessons with professional and experienced English teachers.
Our language instructors are well-trained and have continuous enhancement workshops and training for professional growth and development. Through this, we strive to provide our students with a world-class learning experience.


Filipino teacher Mr. Romy

For everyone who is considering studying abroad, many of you wil be worried about how classes will be held, and its style and process. At our school we are giving the full authority to the experienced Filipino teacher Mr. Romy who has the best achievements and personality as the principal. We are preparing the best system for studying English with him.



ZA English Academy offers a variety of courses aimed every student who need to improve their skills to enhance their ability to work in a global setting, students can develop language skills and skills necessary to use English effectively at work. Communicate more confidently, effectively, accurately and fluently in both written and spoken English and improve their ability to use English in real-life situations.


Safe dormitory with security guards.

Safe dormitory with security guards.
Our dormitory is a walking distance from the academy, there is a security personnel guarding around the clock. They strictly control the entrance and exit so the only way in and out for students is by presenting their ID cards. Surveillance cameras are also installed everywhere in the dormitory. The school has its own security guards as well. They’re always alert and fully prepared for the safety of the entire school.

Laundry and housekeeping are provided on a regular basis.

Laundry and housekeeping are provided on a regular basis.
ZA English provides laundry and housekeeping services twice a week in order to cater the students’ needs. Generally, laundry and housekeeping rely on contractors taking them 2 to 3 days to finish, but in ZA English, it is done regularly by our staff. and it will be returned right away by evening time. Bed sheets are changed every second week.


We have free Wi-Fi.

Free access to our fast and reliable connection.

Maintenance service.

When you face a problem at the dormitory, you can write it down in the “problem book” then our maintenance staff will deal with it immediately.


Nursing is available at the school.

In ZA English Academy, a nurse is available. Students can see the nurse to check their health condition.


The rate of the ZA includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

We serve appetizing meals three times a day, for the entire year including holidays.(Breakfast-lunch-Dinner)


We’re lending nice hair dryers out to students

It can be rented at 200 pesos per month.
Also, we are lending hangers for free.


School Tour

ZA English Academy organizes city tours every Wednesday. Students will experience to visit famous visiting site, big shopping malls, historical and cultural spots which they can enjoy and see the beauty of Cebu.


Outreach program

It is conducted every 3rd week of the month. Students, and some volunteer teachers and staff go to orphanage, nursing, home, or visit to the blind school, or do the cleaning of beaches and more activities.


Scuba Diving License

Explore and experience. Our school offers cheap and great diving, and have the finest scuba equipment from the Marine House Seasir. It is one of the best and cheapest price when it comes to your diving needs in the Philippines. Please contact us for details.



Students are also welcome to join our optional class which is YOGA class. You are welcome to attend any YOGA class whether you are beginner or advanced practitioner, because each exercise may be practiced according to the unique capacity of each student.


Halloween party

Halloween party will be held once every two years in the last day of October. Students get the chance to wear creative costume and to dance and chat with teachers as well as the other students.

Facility information

Campus Facilities


Beds ACs Desks
Refrigerators Full body size mirrors Hot water
Bidets Fan


  • meals: three times a day
  • Laundry service: twice a week
  • House keeping and laundry: twice a week
  • Mobile WiFi router rental service:P100〜
  • Hair Dryer rental service:P200〜